Our services

OMHR CONCEPT offers complete or partial HR administration and payroll oursourcing solutions, as well as HR consultancy services. Our services are helpful for any company that needs HR specialists. We are flexible, manage the expectations and adapt to the needs of each and every business by designing personalised services, because we understand that each of our clients is unique when it comes to their specific staff administration and payroll needs.

There are three main types of services in our portofolio: payroll outsourcing, HR administration, and Human Resources consultancy services. Within each type of service we offer to complete certain tasks which contribute to achieving the objectives of every company.

Payroll Outsourcing

There are certain tasks which need completed when outsourcing the payroll. According to the specific needs of each company our OMHR CONCEPT specialists will complete the following payroll tasks:

  • Salary calculation and wages payroll based on time and attendance (including bonuses, increments, pay deductions and withholdings);
  • Medical leave calculation;
  • Preparing and submitting the declarations related to the social contributions (e.g 112 Declaration, FNUASS file);
  • Filling in the money orders for the salaries;
  • Preparing and submitting the employees’ fiscal records;
  • Preparing and submitting statistic reports;
  • Preparing the summary statements requested by the state representatives;
  • Operating and submitting the General Registry of Evidence of Employees to Territorial Labor Inspectorate;
  • Assistance and representation during the controls done by the state organisms at the client’s headquarters or at our headquarters;

HR administration

According to the specific needs of each company our OMHR CONCEPT specialists will complete the following HR administration tasks:

  • Staff files audit;
  • Designing the Individual Employment Agreement (with its different components: fixed, indefinite working period, trial period, special clauses: non-compete clause, loyalty, training, confidentiality, other clauses depending on the client’s company profile);
  • Preparation of Addenda (salary changes, position and/or clauses changes, delegation, secondment, change of job);
  • Designing Employment Termination Forms;
  • Designing the electronic staff files, including Individual Employment Agreement, Addenda, salary changes, position and/or clauses changes, employment termination forms etc.
  • Employees data base management and updating;
  • Preparing and submitting the General Registry of Evidence of Employees while observing legal timelines.
  • Designing and issuing of various employee certificates (doctor, unemployment, monthly income, experience etc.)
  • Operational support in HR administration;

Human Resources Consultancy

HR Consultancy services are designed to offer each company specialised support for any issue, problem or challenge they might have related to HR Administration. Therefore our company specialists will complete the following HR Consultancy tasks for our clients:

  • Designing the Internal Regulations, while observing the legal framwork as well as the specific needs of each company;
  • Specialised assistance services for designing Individual Employment Agreements according to each industry;
  • Counsel and support for disciplinary and grievance procedures as well as preparing the entire documentation for these procedures;
  • Specialised assistance for company organogram;
  • Offering support and setting up the job descriptions;
  • Constant updating on latest legislative developments and changes.