About OM HR

Our story

OMHR CONCEPT has a team of professionals able to deal with every aspect concerning payroll and HR administration and with any company which chooses to outsource their HR services. HR management means dealing with constant move and change for all companies and this is a challenge for every business owner. OMHR offers total HR business solutions including payroll and HR administration, as well as HR consultancy services.

In order to do this OMHR CONCEPT operates integrated and customised information systems for staff administration and payroll. We are here to help each and every company which chooses to outsource their HR processes such as: staff selection, recruitment, hiring and payroll so that they can focus directly and solely on those specific activities which add value and bring them success.

OMHR CONCEPT’s team is excellently trained for every aspect related to HR and they come with many years of experience in this field. Their expertise, experience and the most performant HR information systems are our main diferentiators when it comes to offering the best professional services.

Our mission is to bring value and results to each client and to help them achieve their business objectives with our HR expertise. We are therefore offering to our clients our professionalism, know-how, reliability and hard work. And we are commited to provide the best quality of service for a very competitive price. Our goal is to build long term partnerships and services agreements based on trust and respect. That’s why with OMHR CONCEPT every client is certain they have chosen a team of HR professionals commited to offer integrity and know-how.

Why us?

  • Our team of professionals – people are the most important resources in any company. That’s why our mission is to have the best team of highly experienced HR professionals, well trained and prepared, and willing to learn constantly.
  • Our services – we offer total HR business solutions including payroll and HR administration, as well as HR consultancy services. We are flexible to adapt our services to all types of companies and organisational needs.
  • Our values – we offer to each client what we would like to receive ourselves: honesty, integrity, commitment, professionalism, swiftness in problem solving and high moral standards.

Who we are?

OMHR CONCEPT is a Human Resources specialised company established in 2005. We grew steadily on the market and our team of HR professionals is highly skilled and trained. OMHR CONCEPT is ready to cover the needs of any company which wants to succeed in the market despite the beaurocratic Romanian system which might prove challenging for some companies.

OMHR CONCEPT is an important and trusworthy name in a busy and competitive market. Our success comes from the quality and professionalism of our services as well as from our swift response to any and every issue our clients might have.

Each member of our team is highly skilled, competitive and ready to face any challenge which might occur in terms of managing the staff in any company. All our specialists are continuously trained in order to be permanently uptated on the latest legislative developments. OMHR CONCEPT contributes to the efficiency and cost control of any company through our complete business solutions and services.

Outsourcing advantages

The main advandages of outsourcing the payroll and HR administration services are:

  • Cost reduction and control through efficient recruitment and staff management within the company;
  • Risk reduction, since we make it our business to be up to date with the latest HR and payroll legislative developments;
  • Permanent support in all aspects related to staff management;
  • Clear, complete and accurate HR information which contributes in taking informed decisions;
  • Responsibility handover to OMHR CONCEPT for recruitment, drafting of employment contracts and payroll management;
  • High level of data confidentiality through professional security systems for all employees;
  • Increased efficiency and higher productivity through focusing the company’s internal resources towards their key activities;
  • Company development through employees selected and recruited by HR professionals, employees which will significanlty contribute to achieving the company’s targets and objectives.


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