The National Health Insurance House (CNAS) issued a statement announcing that there are a several employees who, being technically unemployed, have lost their health insurance. Those employees are no longer listed as insured in the Single Integrated Information System (SIUI) despite the fact that their employers have transferred their social health insurance contributions. In order to rectify this situation, CNAS recommends the employers to submit a rectifying declaration for the 112 Declaration.

CNAS made this recommendation because once they analyzed several situations where certain persons have lost their insurance, they found that a number of employers have inadequately reported technically unemployed staff since April 2020, without mentioning the technical unemployment period for those employees. Subsequently, when including the data from ANAF into the Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI), the technically unemployed were listed as having zero contributions to the health insurance system. Therefore, these employees have lost their health insurance as per the legal regulations which state that in 90 days from the last health contribution payment any employee who is not exempt from that contribution loses their insurance.

By submitting a rectifying declaration, this situation can be corrected, and within 48 hours from submitting it, this will be registered in the Integrated Single Informatics System (SIUI). This way the employees will be registered again as insured in the health system. According to Adela Cojan, president of CNAS, the institution she manages together with ANAF are looking for the best solutions to solve such unpleasant situations for those who are technically unemployed and who may need medical services at some point.